New Model 22 Horizontal Hot And Cold Faucet

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There are several options when ordering a Woodford faucet. Please read and understand the information below so you get the right one. There are 11 lengths and 8 inlet options for a model 22. The length is the amount of frost protection the faucet gives when installed properly. That distance is measured from the back of the wall plate to where the water turns off inside the faucet. There are 8 inlet options each offering different ways to hook the water to the faucet. They will add to the total length of the faucet but not to it's frost protection. They are each described below.

C Inlet - Allows you to Sweat 1/2 inch Copper Pipe K,L or M inside and 3/4 M outside. C Inlet adds 1 5/8 Inches to the base length.

CP Inlet - Has 1/2 inch male pipe thread on the outside and you can Sweat 1/2 Copper on the inside. CP Inlet adds 1 3/4 Inches to the base length.

C3 Inlet - Is a 3/4 Copper Sweat K,L, or M inside fitting. C3 Inlet add 1 3/8 inches to the base length.

P Inlet - Has 1/2 inch pipe thread on the inside and 3/4 pipe thread on the outside. P Inlet adds 1 7/8 inches to the base length.

PX Inlet - Has a standard barb for 1/2 inch crimp PEX. PX inlet adds 1 3/4 inches to the base length.

PX3 Inlet - Has a standard barb for 3/4 inch crimp PEX. PX3 inlet adds 1 3/4 inches to the base length.

W Inlet - Has a 1/2 inch Wirsbo PEX barb. W inlet adds 2 inches to the base length.

W3 Inlet - Has a 3/4 inch Wirsbo PEX barb. W3 inlet adds 2 1/4 inches to the base length.

All Faucets are custom made to order and usually ship within 2 business days.