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Woodford 30008 & 30804 Seat & Screw

Woodford 30008 & 30804 Seat & Screw

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Woodford Seat Washer & Pressure Relief Screw. This is for Woodford models 16, 19, and C22. kit contains parts 30008, and 30804.

The Woodford 30008 and 30804 are specific components designed for use in Woodford outdoor wall faucets. Here are some key features and details about them:

  • Woodford 30008 Seat: This is a valve seat that forms a seal with the faucet’s stem when the faucet is turned off. It’s typically made of a durable material like brass or stainless steel to withstand the constant pressure and friction from the stem. The seat ensures a watertight seal when the faucet is off, preventing any leaks.

  • Woodford 30804 Screw: This is a screw designed to secure various components of the faucet. It’s typically made of a corrosion-resistant material like stainless steel to withstand the moist environment within the faucet. The screw ensures that all parts of the faucet stay firmly in place during operation.

Both of these components play crucial roles in the proper functioning of your Woodford faucet. They are designed for easy installation

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