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Woodford 30120 Clear Handle

Woodford 30120 Clear Handle

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Woodford 30120 Clear Handle. This kit does not include the screw.

The Woodford 30120 Clear Handle is a specific component designed for use in Woodford outdoor wall faucets. Here are some key features and details about it:

  • Material: This handle is made of durable clear plastic. The use of clear plastic gives it a unique aesthetic appeal while ensuring that the handle is resistant to rust and corrosion, which are common issues in outdoor environments.

  • Design: The handle is ergonomically designed for easy grip and smooth operation. It’s typically shaped to fit comfortably in the hand, making it easy to turn the faucet on and off. The clear design also allows you to see the faucet stem and packing nut inside, adding a unique visual element to your faucet.

  • Function: The primary function of the Woodford 30120 Clear Handle is to control the flow of water through the faucet. By turning the handle, you can easily adjust the water flow from a full stream to a complete stop.

  • Installation: The handle can be easily installed on the faucet stem using a screw (not included). 

  • Compatibility: This handle is specifically designed for use with Woodford outdoor wall faucets. It’s important to ensure that your faucet is a compatible model before purchasing this handle.

Remember, it’s always important to turn off the water supply before starting any plumbing repairs to prevent water damage.

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