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Woodford 34HF-BR Vacuum Breaker

Woodford 34HF-BR Vacuum Breaker

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Woodford 34HF Vacuum Breaker in Brass Finish.

The Woodford 34HF-BR Vacuum Breaker is a specific model of vacuum breaker from the Woodford brand. The “BR” in the model name typically stands for “Brass”, indicating that this model is made from brass material.

Just like the 34HF model, the 34HF-BR is designed to prevent backflow of water in plumbing systems. It’s an essential component in many irrigation systems, outdoor faucets, and commercial plumbing systems to prevent contaminated water from being drawn back into the clean water supply.

The brass construction of the 34HF-BR model offers excellent durability and resistance to corrosion, making it suitable for heavy-duty use in commercial and industrial settings.

As with all vacuum breakers, proper installation and maintenance are crucial to ensure they function as intended.

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