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Woodford 37HF Chrome Vacuum Breaker

Woodford 37HF Chrome Vacuum Breaker

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Genuine Woodford 37HF Chrome Vacuum Breaker.

The Woodford 37HF Chrome Vacuum Breaker is a plumbing component designed to prevent backflow of water from a hose or other water outlet into the potable water supply. Here’s a brief description:

  • Function: The vacuum breaker is installed on an outdoor faucet or hose bibb. When water pressure drops (for example, due to a water main break), the vacuum breaker opens to allow air into the system, preventing backflow of contaminated water.

  • Material: The Woodford 37HF is made of chrome-plated brass, which provides durability and corrosion resistance.

  • Design: It features a sleek chrome finish and a compact design. The vacuum breaker has a threaded connection for easy installation onto the faucet or hose bibb.

  • Usage: Commonly used in outdoor settings, such as gardens, yards, and commercial properties, the Woodford 37HF helps maintain water safety by preventing cross-contamination.

Remember to follow local plumbing codes and guidelines when installing or replacing vacuum breakers to ensure proper functionality and safety.

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