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Woodford 50009 Tee Key

Woodford 50009 Tee Key

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Woodford 50009 Short Tee Key 5/16 Square Stem.

The Woodford 50009 Tee Key is a specialized tool used for operating outdoor faucets or hydrants with tee-shaped handles. Here’s a brief description of this key:

  • Design: The Woodford 50009 Tee Key features a T-shaped design, allowing users to turn the tee handle of a faucet or hydrant. It is commonly used for outdoor water supply systems.

  • Material: The key is typically made of durable steel or other sturdy materials to withstand outdoor conditions and frequent use.

  • Function: When inserted into the tee handle, the key provides leverage to turn the handle either clockwise (to open the water flow) or counterclockwise (to close it). It allows easy operation of outdoor water fixtures.

  • Applications: The Woodford 50009 Tee Key is commonly used by maintenance personnel, gardeners, and property owners to control water flow from outdoor faucets, especially those with tee-shaped handles.

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