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Woodford 50H-BR Vacuum Breaker

Woodford 50H-BR Vacuum Breaker

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Woodford 50H-BR Vacuum Breaker. Has Hose thread Connection On Both Ends.

The Woodford 50H-BR is a brass outdoor faucet or hydrant designed for reliable water supply in various applications. Here’s a brief description:

  • Material: The 50H-BR is constructed from high-quality brass, which provides durability, corrosion resistance, and longevity. Brass is commonly used for outdoor fixtures due to its ability to withstand harsh weather conditions.

  • Design: The faucet features a quarter-turn handle for easy operation. Turning the handle clockwise opens the valve, allowing water flow, while turning it counterclockwise closes the valve.

  • Applications: The Woodford 50H-BR is suitable for use in gardens, yards, farms, and other outdoor settings. It provides a convenient water source for hoses, sprinklers, and other irrigation needs.

  • Anti-Siphon Feature: The 50H-BR includes an anti-siphon vacuum breaker, which prevents backflow of water into the potable water supply. This feature enhances water safety.

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