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Woodford 51117 Lock Screw

Woodford 51117 Lock Screw

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Woodford 51117 Door Lock Screw In Chrome.

The Woodford 51117 Chrome Lock Screw is a small but essential component used in plumbing fixtures. Let’s explore its details:

  • Purpose: The lock screw serves as a fastener to secure different parts of the faucet or valve together. In the case of the Woodford 51117, it specifically helps hold components in place within the faucet assembly.

  • Material and Finish: The lock screw is typically made of durable metal (such as brass or stainless steel) and has a chrome finish. The chrome plating provides corrosion resistance and an attractive appearance.

  • Design: The lock screw has a threaded shaft and a head (often hexagonal) that allows for easy tightening or loosening using a wrench or screwdriver. It fits into a corresponding threaded hole or recess in the faucet body.

  • Function: When tightened, the lock screw prevents unintended movement or disassembly of parts. For example, it might secure the faucet handle to the valve stem or hold a decorative cover in place.

  • Maintenance: Regular inspection ensures that the lock screw remains tight and functional. If it becomes loose or damaged, tightening or replacing it is necessary.

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