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Woodford 51120 E Ring For Door Lock

Woodford 51120 E Ring For Door Lock

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Woodford 51120 Door Lock Screw E-Ring. This will work with many of the Woodford yard hydrants.

The Woodford 51120 E-ring door lock screw is a specialized component used in certain applications. Let’s explore its details:

  • Function: The E-ring door lock screw serves as a locking mechanism to secure parts together. It is commonly used in door hardware, such as locks and handles.

  • Design: The E-ring (also known as an E-clip or retaining ring) has a circular shape with a small gap. It fits into a groove or recess on a shaft or spindle. When installed, it prevents the shaft from sliding out of its housing.

  • Material: The E-ring is typically made of spring steel or stainless steel, which provides strength and corrosion resistance.

  • Installation: To install the E-ring, it is placed into the groove on the shaft. The gap allows it to expand slightly, creating tension and holding the shaft securely in place.

  • Maintenance: Regular inspection ensures that the E-ring remains intact and functional. If it becomes damaged or dislodged, replacement is necessary.

Remember that specific applications may have variations in design and usage.

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