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Woodford 55408 Assembly

Woodford 55408 Assembly

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Replacement Close Coupled stem Assembly for Woodford 60 Series Faucets. This stem is about 10 3/8 inch long.

The Woodford 55408 10-3/8" Stem Assembly is a critical component used in outdoor faucets and hydrants. Let’s explore its details:

  • Function: The stem assembly controls the flow of water in the faucet. When you turn the handle, the stem moves up or down, allowing water to flow or shutting it off completely.

  • Design: The Woodford 55408 stem assembly typically consists of a threaded rod (the stem) with a washer or seal at the bottom. The stem extends through the faucet body and connects to the handle.

  • Size: The stem assembly has a length of 10-3/8 inches (approximately 26.35 centimeters). This measurement refers to the distance from the base of the stem to the top where the handle attaches.

  • Installation: To install the stem assembly, it is threaded into the faucet body. The washer or seal ensures a watertight connection. The handle is then attached to the top of the stem.

  • Maintenance: Regular inspection is essential to check for wear, corrosion, or damage. If the stem assembly leaks or becomes difficult to turn, it may need replacement.

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