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Woodford 74513 Handle For Model 12

Woodford 74513 Handle For Model 12

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Woodford Handle for model 12 silver in color. This does not include the screw.

The Woodford 74513 Handle is an essential component used in outdoor faucets and hydrants. Let’s explore its details:

  • Function: The handle allows users to control the water flow by turning it on or off. When you rotate the handle, it operates the valve stem inside the faucet, regulating the water supply.

  • Design: It has a shape that provides a comfortable grip for users to turn easily.

  • Installation: The handle attaches to the valve stem, which extends through the faucet body. When the handle is turned clockwise, it closes the valve, stopping water flow. Counterclockwise rotation opens the valve.

  • Maintenance: Regular inspection ensures that the handle remains secure and functional. If it becomes loose, cracked, or damaged, replacement is necessary.

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