Woodford 74528 & 74530 Seat & Screw

Woodford 74528 & 74530 Seat & Screw

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Seat Washer And Screw. This kit contains parts 74528, and 74530.

The Woodford 74528 Seat and Screw and the Woodford 74530 Seat and Screw are essential components used in outdoor faucets and hydrants. Let’s explore their details:

  1. Woodford 74528 Seat and Screw:

    • Seat Function: The seat provides a sealing surface for the faucet’s valve. When the faucet is closed, the seat ensures a watertight connection, preventing leaks.
    • Screw Function: The screw secures the seat in place within the faucet body.
    • Design: The seat is typically made of durable material (such as brass or stainless steel). It has a smooth, flat surface where the valve rests. The screw is threaded and fits into a corresponding hole in the faucet body.
    • Installation: The seat is positioned inside the faucet body, and the screw is tightened to hold it securely. Proper alignment ensures effective sealing.
    • Maintenance: Regular inspection is essential to check for wear, pitting, or damage to the seat. If the seat becomes worn or corroded, replacement is necessary.
  2. Woodford 74530 Seat and Screw:

    • Similar Function: The Woodford 74530 serves the same purpose as the 74528—providing a sealing surface for the valve.
    • Design and Installation: The design and installation process are similar to the 74528. The screw secures the seat in place.
    • Compatibility: Verify that your faucet model corresponds to the 74530 seat and screw.
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