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Woodford 40SC Self Closing Repair Kit

Woodford 40SC Self Closing Repair Kit

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Woodford Model 40 Self Closing Valve Repair Kit RK-40SC. This kit contains parts 30253, 30520, 30526, 30008, 30009.

The Woodford 40SC Self-Closing Repair Kit is designed to maintain the functionality of a self-closing faucet or hydrant. Here’s a brief description of this repair kit:

  • Purpose: The Woodford 40SC repair kit is used to restore the self-closing feature of a faucet or hydrant. Self-closing faucets are commonly found in public restrooms, schools, and other high-traffic areas.

  • Components: The kit typically includes essential components such as a spring, seal, and o-ring. These parts are crucial for ensuring that the faucet or hydrant closes automatically after use.

  • Installation: To use the repair kit, disassemble the self-closing faucet or hydrant, remove the old components, and replace them with the new ones from the kit. Proper installation ensures smooth operation.

  • Maintenance: Regular maintenance using the Woodford 40SC repair kit helps prevent leaks, ensures water conservation, and extends the lifespan of the self-closing fixture.

Remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines when repairing or maintaining self-closing faucets to ensure optimal performance

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