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Woodford RK-HC Repair Kit

Woodford RK-HC Repair Kit

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Woodford RK-HC repair kit for hot and cold hydrant. This kit contains parts 51092, 51093, 50529, 505202, 55079.

The Woodford RK-HC Repair Kit is specifically designed for maintaining and restoring the functionality of Woodford Model HC and Model HCB hot and cold wall hydrants. Here are the essential details about this repair kit:

  1. Components Included:

    • O-Ring AS-110 (Part Number: 51092): Provides a watertight seal.
    • O-Ring AS-023 (Part Number: 51093): Ensures proper sealing.
    • Packing Support Washer (Part Number: 50529): Supports the packing material.
    • Gasket (Part Number: 50502) (2 included): Enhances sealing.
    • Shuttle Housing Assembly (Part Number: 55079) (2 included): Essential for controlling water flow.
  2. Compatibility:

    • The repair kit is suitable for both Woodford Model HC and Model HCB hot and cold wall hydrants.
  3. Material and Finish:

    • All components are made of durable materials.
    • The repair kit features a brass finish for longevity and corrosion resistance.
  4. Ease of Installation:

    • Common household tools can be used for installation.
    • Repairs can be carried out without removing the hydrant from the wall.
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