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Woodford R34 Repair Kit

Woodford R34 Repair Kit

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Woodford RK-R34 Repair Kit For Model R34 Hydrant. This kit contains parts 10620, 10619, 10588, 10100, 10101, 10102, 10108.

The Woodford Model R34 repair kit is a comprehensive package designed to facilitate the maintenance and repair of a Woodford model R34 yard hydrant. Here are the key details about this repair kit:

  1. Components Included:

    • Link Plates (2) (Part Number: 10620)
    • Pivot Square (Part Number: 10619)
    • Rod Stem (Part Number: 10588)
    • Packing Nut (Part Number: 10100)
    • Packing (Part Number: 10101)
    • Packing Support Washer (Part Number: 10102)
    • Plunger (Part Number: 10108)
  2. Ease of Repair:

    • Repairs can be carried out without removing the faucet, making it convenient for users.
    • The kit includes all the internal components necessary for restoring the functionality of the R34 yard hydrant.
  3. Quality and Durability:

    • Woodford is renowned as the choice of professionals in the industry.
    • The repair kit is made of brass and EMPM materials, ensuring longevity and reliability.
  4. Installation:

    • The repair kit is compatible with the Woodford model R34 yard hydrant.
    • Common household tools can be used for installation.
  5. Availability:

    • Repair parts are readily available, allowing for timely maintenance.
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