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Woodford RK-RHL Repair Kit

Woodford RK-RHL Repair Kit

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Woodford RK-RHL repair kit for Roof Hydrant. This kit contains parts 10206, 10614, 15242, 15243, 10020, 10021.

he Woodford RK-RHL Model RHY1/RHY2 Roof Hydrant Repair Kit is designed for repairing specific roof hydrant models. Here are the details:

  • Compatibility: This repair kit is used in the following models: RHY1 and RHY2.
  • Kit Components:
    • 10206 Hex Nut (3): These hex nuts are part of the repair assembly.
    • 10614 Upper Link (Gray): The upper link component.
    • 15242 Lower Link Assembly (Gray): The lower link assembly.
    • 15243 Cam & Clevis Assembly (Gray): The cam and clevis assembly.
    • 10020 Link Bolt (2): Two link bolts included in the kit.
    • 10021 Lever Bolt: The lever bolt completes the repair components.
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