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Woodford Y1 Repair Kit

Woodford Y1 Repair Kit

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The Woodford RK-Y1 Repair Kit is a comprehensive set designed for the repair of Woodford yard hydrants. Here are some key features:

  • The kit includes all parts necessary to repair the yard hydrant.
  • Repairs can be made without removing the faucet.
  • The kit is suitable for use with Model Y1, Y2, S3 Yard Hydrant and RHY1, RHY2 Roof Hydrant.
  • The kit contains parts 10104, 10100, 10101, 10102, 1010632. These include a packing nut, packing, packing support washer, brass rod stem, and a Y1 plunger.
  • The kit is easy to install1 and can be used with common household tools.
  • The Woodford RK-Y1 Repair Kit is made in the USA.

Please note that this is a genuine replacement part directly from Woodford

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