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Woodford Y30 Repair Kit

Woodford Y30 Repair Kit

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Woodford RK-Y30 Repair Kit. This kit contains parts 30002, 10630, 30107, 30247, 55178, 10109, 10105.

The Woodford Y30 repair kit is designed to maintain and restore the functionality of Woodford Model Y30 frost-free wall hydrants. Here’s a detailed description of what you can typically find in a Woodford Y30 repair kit:

  1. Components:

    • Packing Nut: The packing nut secures the hydrant stem and prevents water leakage.
    • Packing Material: The repair kit includes new packing material (usually rubber or graphite) that goes around the stem to create a watertight seal.
    • O-Rings: O-rings are small circular seals made of rubber or silicone. They prevent leaks at specific points in the hydrant assembly.
    • Seat Washer: The seat washer sits at the bottom of the hydrant head and provides a seal when the hydrant is closed.
    • Stem Washer: The stem washer is placed on the hydrant stem and helps prevent water from leaking around the stem.
    • Screw and Washer: Some repair kits include replacement screws and washers for securing components.
    • Other Seals and Gaskets: Depending on the specific model, the repair kit may contain additional seals, gaskets, or washers.
  2. Function:

    • When your Woodford outdoor faucet (Y30 hydrant) starts leaking or becomes difficult to operate, the repair kit allows you to replace worn-out or damaged components.
    • By replacing the packing material, O-rings, seat washer, and other parts, you can restore proper functionality to the hydrant.
  3. Installation:

    • Turn off the water supply to the hydrant.
    • Disassemble the hydrant by removing the packing nut and stem.
    • Replace the old packing material, O-rings, seat washer, and other components with the new ones from the repair kit.
    • Reassemble the hydrant, ensuring proper alignment and tightness.
    • Turn the water supply back on and test the hydrant for leaks.
  4. Compatibility:

    • Verify that the repair kit is compatible with your specific Woodford Model Y30 hydrant.
    • Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for precise installation steps.
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