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Woodford RK-Y95 Repair Kit

Woodford RK-Y95 Repair Kit

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Woodford RK-Y95 repair kit for model Y95. This kit contains parts RK-LTK, 30107, 30247, 55176, 10109, 10105.

The Woodford RK-Y95 Repair Kit is specifically designed for repairing the Y95 model of Box Type Yard Hydrants. Here are the details of this repair kit:

  • Compatibility: The RK-Y95 repair kit is used for the following models:

    • Y70
    • Y95
  • Kit Components:

    1. 50010 Long Tee Key: This component is essential for operating the hydrant.
    2. 30107 Packing Nut: The packing nut helps maintain a watertight seal.
    3. 30247 Packing: The packing material ensures smooth operation and prevents leaks.
    4. 55176 Head Nut Assembly: This assembly secures the head of the hydrant.
    5. 10109 Yoke Nut: The yoke nut is a critical part of the repair components.

If you need to restore your Y95 or Y70 Box Type Yard Hydrant, this genuine Woodford RK-Y95 Repair Kit contains all the necessary parts for the job.

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