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Woodford model 17 faucet lock

Woodford model 17 faucet lock

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Prevent water loss to thieves and vandals fits model 17 faucets.

The Woodford Model 17 Faucet Lock is a security device designed to prevent unauthorized use or tampering with outdoor faucets. Here are the key details:

  • Function: The Model 17 Faucet Lock secures the faucet handle in the closed (off) position, preventing water flow. It acts as a deterrent against accidental or intentional water wastage.

  • Design: The lock typically consists of a metal bracket or clamp that fits around the faucet handle. It may have a locking mechanism (such as a padlock or key) to secure the bracket in place.

  • Installation: To install, place the bracket over the faucet handle and tighten it. Some models allow you to attach a padlock for additional security.

  • Use Cases:

    • Residential Properties: Homeowners can use the Model 17 Faucet Lock to prevent unauthorized use of outdoor faucets, especially during vacations or when the property is vacant.
    • Public Spaces: Parks, schools, and other public areas can use these locks to protect water sources from misuse.
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