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Woodford 35942 Stem

Woodford 35942 Stem

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Woodford Replacement Stem. Measure Your stem End to End. 3 7/8 inch stem 35942

The Woodford 35942 3-7/8" Overall Length (OAL) Stem is a specific part used in Woodford outdoor wall faucets and yard hydrants. This stem is a key component of the faucet’s internal mechanism.

Here’s a bit more detail:

  • Stem: The stem is a long, slender piece that connects the handle of the faucet to the washer and screw at the end that opens and closes to control the flow of water. When you turn the handle, you’re actually turning the stem, which in turn opens or closes the water flow.

  • 3-7/8" Overall Length: This refers to the total length of the stem from one end to the other, which is 3-7/8 inches in this case. The length of the stem is important because it needs to match the depth of the wall or pipe where the faucet is installed.

  • Woodford 35942: This is the model number for this specific stem, indicating that it’s designed to fit certain models of Woodford faucets and hydrants.

It’s important to note that when replacing parts in a faucet or hydrant, it’s crucial to use the correct parts that are designed for your specific model. Using incorrect parts can lead to leaks or other problems.

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