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Woodford 74509 Seat

Woodford 74509 Seat

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Genuine Woodford 74509 rubber seat for the end of the Woodford model 12 stem.

The Woodford 74509 Seat is a crucial component used in outdoor faucets and hydrants. Let’s explore its details:

  • Function: The seat provides a sealing surface for the faucet’s valve. When the faucet is closed, the seat ensures a watertight connection, preventing leaks.

  • Design: The Woodford 74509 seat is typically made of durable material (such as brass or stainless steel). It is shaped to match the valve’s design and provides a smooth, flat surface for the valve to rest against.

  • Installation: The seat is positioned inside the faucet body, where it mates with the valve stem. When the faucet handle is turned off, the valve presses against the seat, creating a seal.

  • Maintenance: Regular inspection is essential to check for wear, pitting, or damage to the seat. If it becomes worn or corroded, replacement is necessary to maintain proper functionality.

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