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Woodford X34 15037 Hydrant Head Complete

Woodford X34 15037 Hydrant Head Complete

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Woodford Complete 15037 X34 complete head. When replacing a head, it is always a good idea to replace the plunger since the head is already off.

The Woodford X34 15037 hydrant head is a critical component used in outdoor water supply systems, particularly frost-free hydrants. Let’s explore its features and functionality:

  1. Design and Components:

    • The X34 15037 hydrant head is specifically designed for Woodford Model X34 frost-free wall hydrants.
    • It comprises several integrated parts that work together to ensure proper water flow and prevent freezing during cold weather.
  2. Key Components:

    • Handle: The handle allows users to operate the hydrant. Turning the handle counterclockwise opens the water flow, while turning it clockwise shuts it off.
    • Packing Nut: The packing nut secures the hydrant stem and prevents water leakage.
    • Stem Assembly: The stem extends down into the hydrant body and connects to the water supply line.
    • Seat Washer: The seat washer provides a watertight seal when the hydrant is closed.
    • Drain Hole: Some models have a drain hole to prevent freezing by allowing water to escape.
    • Vacuum Breaker: A vacuum breaker prevents backflow contamination.
    • Locking Mechanism: Certain hydrant heads include a locking feature to prevent unauthorized use.
    • Material: The X34 15037 head is typically made of durable brass or other corrosion-resistant materials.
  3. Functionality:

    • When the handle is turned counterclockwise, the hydrant opens, allowing water to flow.
    • Turning the handle clockwise shuts off the water supply.
    • The vacuum breaker prevents water from siphoning back into the water supply.
    • The drain hole ensures that any residual water drains out, preventing freezing.
  4. Installation:

    • Proper installation ensures optimal functionality.
    • The X34 15037 head is attached to the hydrant stem, which extends through the hydrant body and connects to the water supply line.
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